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Olive S550

on Aug 01, 2021 | projects


For over 50 years the Mustang has been an icon; a symbol of motorsports. From the Legendary Elenor to the Mustang Tw.. okay well, we don't talk about the Mustang Two.. but every OTHER Mustang has been an icon the moment it rolled off the showroom floor. The S550 is no different, so it deserves the absolute best treatment. That's where we come in.

With a 5.0 liter V8 engine pushing north of 428hp to the crank, the S550 sounds like a box full of Bald Eagles and freedom. So with a sound so badass, and bodylines so sleek, we KNEW we had to find the perfect color. Matte Olive. It's reminiscent of the color we use on the vehicles that serve to protect our freedom. How perfect is that?

With a lineage that demands respect, a motor that screams freedom, and a style that you won't ever forget - We are proud to do wraps like this. A basic color-change doesn't always warrant a long explanation, or even a blog post. But this one does. This one stands for something. This car means more than we can describe in a short post, so we'll just let it speak for itself.

Our client knew to come to RennSpec to get the best treatment for their vehicle they possibly could. They showed us the car, the color, and we sprung into action. After a careful dissasembly and many hours of precision care during the install, we ended up with a gorgeous wrap on a gorgeous car that just screams freedom. We're proud to be able to have the opportunies we do, and we're even more proud of being able to create what we create. Long live the Mustang.

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