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on Aug 15, 2018 | projects

2018 Dodge Demon

6.2-liter HEMI Demon V8.
That's the supercharged engine packed under the hood.

840 horsepower.
That equates to 626,388 watts of power, in case you're wondering.

770 pound-feet of torque.
Long story short, it's the fastest and most powerful production car out there.

This Dodge Demon came straight from the factory to see us for some Aesthetic services. The owner loved the F8 Green, but wanted the Satin Black Hood, Roof and Decklid. Instead of waiting for another allocation from Dodge, he came to RennSpec to have it custom wrapped. We also opted to wrap the bright yellow bumper guards black so the owner could leave them on and safely drive it home on Houston streets without worry.

Get ready for this beast Houston.
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