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Chrylser 300

on Feb 23, 2019 | projects

Chrysler 300

A poisonous substance - amorphous, liquid-like form survives by bonding with a host.

This custom VENOM wrap, designed by our in-house designer and brought to life by our production team at RennSpec Industries, was a marvel of hand cut intricacies paired with plotter technologies.

Our client messaged us, orginally looking for a Two-Tone wrap on his Chrysler 300. Not liking the boring solid line that split the two colors, we explored a few routes to help transition the colors.

We brainstormed...We tried a shattered design, but it had been done. We tried a center stripe, but got bored. Our client wanted something agressive, something duplicitous.

"What if the black looks like its taking over the white? VENOM."

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